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April Showers Bring... Mud - Service Uniform

Did you know that .25 pounds of dirt and debris per 1,000 people PER DAY are tracked into commercial buildings during dry weather conditions? Imagine what wet weather conditions bring in through the front door. Floor mats are a great way to catch all that dirt that employees and customers track through the door. Service Uniform carries a variety of floor mats that are perfect for your business.

If you’re not sure about adding floor mats to your uniform rental program, try taking this into consideration – in just the first three feet of a typical floor mat, 30% of the dirt, dust and grime are captured. In the average 15-foot commercial matting, 80-90% of the debris tracked into the building is contained within the mat. Simply put, floor mats at the entrance of your building prevent a lot of dirt from entering the building. And here’s another tip – a floor mat is much easier to clean than the entire floor itself.

We’re all excited that spring is here, but dirty floors can dampen the mood in any commercial building. Floor mat rental service from Service Uniform provides routine cleaning and floor mat replacement for your company. Contact us today and ask us about our floor mat services.

April 13, 2015 | Floor Mats