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Are Winter Floor Mats Necessary? - Service Uniform

Snow is probably nothing new to your Colorado business. And as you probably already know, while the cold weather provides fun outdoor activities such as skiing and snowboarding, it doesn’t really provide as much fun for your employees and customers.

When these pesky ice crystals make their way into your establishment, they become a safety hazard on your floors, along with simply making your business look messy as they melt and eventually even destroy your flooring. Expecting your staff to be able to catch every particle of snow as it hitches a ride on the shoes of your customers and onto your floors is unrealistic amongst their other job duties.

So, instead of wasting time and money cleaning up every bit of snow and salt that makes its way onto your floors, it may be a better investment of time to find a way to keep the snow out.

That’s where winter floor mats make their star appearance. What a winter floor mat essentially does, when placed at the entrance of your establishment, is scrape the snow, dirt and grime off of the individual’s shoes so that once they take a step on your floors, they are no longer tracking as much snow, greatly reducing the overall impact that snow has on your floors.

Winter floor mats provide protection from:

1. Slip-and-fall accidents.

One of the common culprits of workplace hazards and hazards to customers and clients is the dangerous slip-and-fall accident. Every year this potential danger brings over 800,000 individuals to the hospital over the risk of a head injury or broken bone. And if these accidents are happening on your premises, you can be liable for over $30,000 in hospital bills. When the snow is dense and easily making its way onto your floors, you increase your chances of these hazards because the snow provides no resistance against a smooth floor such as tile or wood. When you offer a winter floor mat at your entrance to scrape the snow off of shoes, you reduce how much snow is tracked into your business and therefore, the risk of a slip-and-fall accident.

2. Dirty floors.

Not only does a floor covered in snow pose a risk to all those who enter and impact how much you’ll spend on someone’s medical bills, but it will also prevent customers and clients from coming back for more products and services. A dirty floor tells a client everything they need to know about your business. They’ll likely believe that if you can’t take the time to clean your floor so that they have a positive, stress-free experience and also so that they are not in danger of falling and getting hurt, then your products and services probably aren’t too great either. Winter floor mats do more than just prevent the spread of snow, but they also reduce how much mud, dirt and grime messes up your floors, helping you maintain a cleaner appearance.

3. Floor damage.

And if you didn’t think snow could be even more of your business’s enemy, it can also cut into your wallet by causing your floors to warp and grow mold and mildew, meaning you’ll need to spend money having to replace your flooring and potentially hire mold remediation services. Not only is floor damage expensive when initially replacing flooring, but it can also be hazardous if not properly and promptly taken care of as flooring can pose trip hazards as well as health hazards from mold spores. And, it also doesn’t look very good to incoming customers. A winter floor mat can help prevent the amount of moisture making its way onto your floors, decreasing your chances of having to deal with this frustrating, expensive problem.

At Service Uniform, we know how tough the winter months can be on businesses here in Colorado. That’s why we work hard to get you the best quality winter floor mats through a rental service that maintains them for you.

To find the winter floor mats that are best for you, contact us at Service Uniform at 303-936-4701.

January 10, 2019 | Floor Mats