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3 Non-Traditional Marketing Tactics

There are a million ways to market your business, and in the sea of voices, it can be hard to know which strategy is best. Traditional marketing tactics like print and television ads never hurt, but sometimes your business needs something fresh to reach a new audience. Consider these progressive… Read More

June 5, 2017 • Customer Service, Uniforms

Hey Chip! Sorting Your Uniforms

Hi again! It’s me, Chip. This week, I’m taking you through another aspect of Service Uniform’s 100% accurate Blue Chip System®—the sorting process. Follow along with me, your Chief Chip Coordinator, to learn about the benefits our system could bring to your business. Before we begin, I should explain how… Read More

Maximize Your Business Logo’s Potential with These Tips

When it comes to branding, your logo is an essential aspect of gaining exposure and making a good impression on possible clients. On your website and business cards, it creates an image that customers associate with your company and gives you an opportunity to represent your brand. But those aren’t… Read More

Hey Chip! On the Road with Your Service Uniform Account Manager

It may sound a little strange that a uniform service provider doesn’t have delivery drivers on staff. At Service Uniform, we don’t believe we need drivers; we need Account Managers. Sure, drivers get your order from the warehouse to your business. However, Account Managers often service your needs in much… Read More

5 Inventions That Have Revolutionized the Uniform Industry

Service Uniform’s Blue Chip System® uses some of the most revolutionary technology in the uniform industry. Our system consistently reduces shortages, and has earned honorable mention in TRSA’s award-winning monthly magazine Textile Rental. Though the Blue Chip System® hasn’t cracked Popular Mechanics’ top 50 inventions list yet, we know the… Read More

Three Things to Ask Your Account Manager Today

At Service Uniform, our route drivers also serve as our Account Managers. We do this because our drivers interact with our customers on a daily basis, giving them inside access and understanding of our customer’s needs. We equip them with all the tools and training to be able to service… Read More

Hey, Chip! Following Chip Through Service Uniform

Hey there! Chip here. Today, I want to take some time to further explain Service Uniform’s Blue Chip System®. As your Chief Chip Coordinator, it’s my job to make sure all of Service Uniform’s® customers fully understand the wealth of benefits our company offers their business. First: Did you know… Read More