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Our Rules for Good Customer Service - Service Uniform

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Go onto any company’s website. We guarantee they’re going to claim that they provide good customer service. Some might even say they offer the best customer service you’ll ever get. But sometimes this claim might just seem like a false promise.

If everyone claims that they provide good customer service, what even is customer service anymore? Just a loose term that gets thrown around?

Not for us. Our claim of good customer service is not false, and we can tell you why. When you work with Service Uniform, you get a service that cares about the needs of your company, you as a business owner, and even you as an individual person.

Here are the customer service rules that we follow to provide you with only the best:

1. We will provide the most superior, quality products.

Good customer service is made up of layers. But it all starts with the goal of trying to sell a product/service to a customer and making sure that they are completely satisfied with what you have provided. Unfortunately, many companies tend to forget about that second half of ensuring complete satisfaction. Instead, they’ll focus on selling the product.

At Service Uniform, we are not just in it for the money. That’s why we don’t provide cheap products and services that won’t actually help your business. We provide the best, most up-to-date, highest-quality products so that we can actually believe in what we’re selling.

2. We listen clearly to customer needs, expectations and concerns.

Just because we think we’re the best of the best and that we provide the most superior products doesn’t mean our sole focus is on selling our products and services. Each time a customer comes to us, whether they have a specific need or have questions or comments regarding our services, we keep open ears.

This feedback helps us direct each individual customer to exactly what it is they need and constantly improve on the products and services we provide and the way in which we do business.

3. We go above and beyond each and every time to help the customer.

While listening is great, it doesn’t mean anything if we don’t take action. If a customer doesn’t sound like they know what they want, it is our responsibility to take initiative and help them figure out what would be the best service for them.

Or, if a customer experiences an issue with our products or services, we should never dismiss that. We should do everything we can to resolve the issue and make sure that the customer is happy. Although maybe it’s impossible to make everyone 100% happy, that’s no reason not to try.

4. We hire the best of the best.

For the best customer service results, we need to make sure that we hire individuals who are excellent listeners, are people-oriented and patient, and have a passion for helping others. While we could hire anyone and try to teach them customer service, we strive to hire individuals who are already bringing excellent people skills to the plate.

What this gives you are representatives who are wonderful to speak on the phone with, who guide you through the process, who never leave you hanging, and who communicate well, so you know when you can expect deliveries, when they will be back to pick up your uniforms and linens for laundering, how to make payments and what to do if there is a problem with your order.

5. We will be available for the customer.

As we said in rule #4, we never want to leave our customers out of the loop. From the moment you call us or fill out our contact form to when your first delivery is on its way, we want to be there for you every step of the way. Because of this, you should always get a prompt response from us regarding any questions, comments or concerns you have.

Our representatives are trained to be able to answer any and all of your questions, or to direct you to the best-suited individual to handle your concerns, so that you never have to wait too long to get the response that you need.

6. We set goals and expectations for our team.

While we hire highly-skilled representatives that are trained to give you the response you need, we also set goals and expectations for them to make sure that your happiness as our customer never suffers.

We expect our team to sell the right products and services for each individual customer’s needs, to show the customer that they are listening, and to report concerns so that we can continue improving as a company.

7. We accept and respond to feedback.

While we can do everything in our power to prove to you that our products and services are superior, none of that means anything if we can’t be receptive to constructive criticism, feedback or ideas.

Our team is open to hearing what you have to say and seeing what we can do to make your experience with Service Uniform the best experience you’ll ever find with a linen provider.

When you work with Service Uniform, you know you’re not just getting a company who’s in it for the money. We’re people’s people, with a dedication to helping others. Contact us today at 303-936-4701 to get the best customer service for your Colorado business.

April 10, 2018 | Customer Service