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Where to Place Different Types of Floor Mats in Your Business - Service Uniform

different types of floor mats

Floor mats – you’ve heard of them and you know your business needs them, but do you know why and where they’re supposed to go? There’s a wide range of different types of floor mats, all serving their own purposes.

So where do you begin? First, let’s take a look at some of the most popular types of commercial floor mats, why you may need them for your business and what to do with them once you have them.

Types of Floor Mats and Their Purposes

In general, floor mats are necessary to businesses for two different reasons – safety and cleanliness. Without commercial floor mats, dirt will easily get tracked into your business space and your customers and employees will have an increased chance of getting injured from slip-and-fall accidents.

Floor mats protect your floors, your customers and employees, and your business!

With the vast array of options of floor mats, here is our narrowed-down list of the most popular floor mats in our catalog:

Scraper Floor Mats

Features: These mats are exactly what they sound like – mats with raised, abrasive surfaces to scrape the dirt off shoes. The dirt then settles into the gaps between the ridges to be easily cleaned out later. These mats are incredibly effective at removing dirt from the bottoms of shoes so you can prevent dirt from spreading across your facility.

We primarily suggest placing these at the entrance of your business space to prevent outside elements from getting tracked in as someone enters.

Decorative Mats

Features: When it comes to keeping your business clean, you don’t necessarily want to compromise on aesthetics and style. Decorative mats provide a similar effect as scraper floor mats in that they prevent the spread of dirt, but what makes them unique is their elegant appearance.

These are also great at entrances, hallways, coffee stations, break rooms and any other areas where there is traffic and potential hazards of wet/slippery floors.  They also have an elegant aesthetic so your space stays clean without your mats detracting from the main ambience.

Custom Logo Mats

Features: This mat combines the cleanliness of your floors with prime marketing space. As your guests enter your establishment and look down to wipe off their shoes, staring right back at them is your business’ logo. This will help enhance their memory of your business with attention-grabbing visuals.

Similar to the previous two mats, these function the best at the entry of your business or customer counters. They keep your floors clean while marketing your business from the moment the customer walks through your doors.

Safety Mats

Features: To increase safety in your workspace, consider safety mats! These mats can protect your staff and employees from danger.

These versatile mats are best used in high-risk areas of your business.

Anti-Fatigue Mats

Features: Anti-fatigue mats are some of the most unique mats in our catalog. When standing for long periods of time, your employees can become less productive and more prone to health issues. Anti-fatigue mats act as a preventative measure to make standing for long periods more comfortable, raising morale and productivity.

Place these anywhere your employees are going to be standing for a decent length of time – i.e. manufacturing plants, customer counters, store registers, QC stations, etc.

Check Out Our Different Types of Floor Mats!

Obtaining a floor mat and placing it in the right spot isn’t enough though to keep your floors clean and your employees safe. The proper maintenance of these materials is just as important. Without care, these mats will deteriorate, accumulate too much dirt and bacteria and not get their job done right!

That’s why you should get your different types of floor mats from Service Uniform. When you get mats from us, we don’t just drop them off and call it a day. We care about how these mats are going to help your business. That’s why we maintain the mats for you through our mat rental program!

Contact us today at 303-936-4701 to learn more about the different types of floor mats that we can offer your business!

July 12, 2018 | Floor Mats