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The Best Uniform Fabrics to Keep Your Employees Cool - Service Uniform

fabric that keeps you cool

Do your uniforms keep your employees cool or do they function more like an oven? With summer approaching, it may be time to consider whether your uniform fabric is helping or hurting your business.

We’ve all had one of those long, unbearably hot days – the kind that seems to go on forever, melt the muscles right off our bones and fry our brains. While this can often be easily remedied at home with some air conditioning, a quick shower and a change of clothes, things may not be as easy at work.

Working in hot conditions has far graver consequences than just the embarrassing pit stains and reduced productivity. Too much heat, in extreme scenarios, can strain the heart and lungs and cause painful muscle cramps.

But one of the more common, but certainly not less dangerous, consequences of working in hot conditions is reduced concentration which, in turn, raises the risk of occupational injuries and accidents. This problem is not only specific to industrial and outdoor workplaces – it is also a common problem in indoor work spaces. Aside from making sure that common solutions against heat stress are in place (i.e. air conditioning, water supply, etc.), it is important to select work clothes and fabric that keeps you cool and keeps your employees cool.

The Types of Fabric That Keep You Cool

More than design, the type of fabric used in work clothes makes the difference between comfort and suffering from heat stress. Here are some of your best choices:

  • Cotton – This classic choice has long been a summer staple. Cotton is a very breathable fabric, allowing for proper air circulation. It absorbs sweat effectively, keeping its wearer cool and comfortable.  
  • Polyester – Polyester is one of the most commonly-used materials for microfiber fabrics. This synthetic material is not only well-known for its durability, but it is also a preferred material for its ability to draw moisture away from the skin, hence its popular use in athletic apparel.
  • Polyester Blends – While polyester is excellent as it is, it becomes an even more effective cooling fabric in combination with other fibers. One of the most popular combinations for cool and comfortable clothing is polyester and cotton. Poplin, a type of fabric usually made of a polyester and another type of fiber (i.e. silk, wool, other synthetic materials), is a popular choice for sportswear and summer wear for its breathability, water-resistance, and lightness.  

The Best Types of Work Clothes That Keep You Cool: Moisture-Wicking Technology

One of those terms that many brands love throwing around is moisture-wicking technology. It’s used in the marketing of both regular clothing and athletic apparel. But what exactly does this do?

Moisture-wicking fabrics are basically designed to keep the wearer dry. The combination of fibers in the fabric, usually a tight polyester-cotton blend, pulls away the sweat from the skin and ‘wicks’ it away towards the exterior of the clothing where it can evaporate more rapidly. This means that the wearer can more comfortably keep on with his/her activities, reducing the effects of heat and sweat. Many of our uniforms feature moisture-wicking technology.

Service Uniform has a whole range of work tops and pants from Red Kap that are designed to keep your employees cool and comfortable through their long, demanding shifts. Red Kap’s Touch Tex™ II shirts and pants boast permanent softness, moisture management, stain release, color protection and durability. Improve your image, employee morale, safety and productivity all with one simple uniform solution!

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