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Hey Chip! How We Fix Your Wear and Tear - Service Uniform

Chip here again! I’m back this week to take you through another aspect of our Blue Chip System: the repair process. Using our efficient RFID technology, we make sure every uniform is properly cleaned, repaired, and sorted for 100% accuracy every time.

When your uniforms need a repair, you can let us know by placing the clothing into the Blue Chip orange repair bag. As the uniform goes through the Blue Chip system, the garment is scanned to show its thermal repair ticket to operators. Then, during our in-line inspection process, uniforms in need of repair will be removed and immediately fixed before continuing through the sorting and delivery system.

Even if you don’t make a request, your uniforms will be hand-inspected as they go through the sorting process to check for signs of wear and tear. Then, they’ll be repaired, replaced, or upgraded immediately at no extra charge so that you’ll always get your uniforms back on time. The uniforms are inspected by our skilled certified garment inspectors, who will carefully examine each and every piece of clothing for needed repairs.

Each repair is scanned and tracked in the Blue Chip delivery report, so you will always know when a repair has been made to one of your garments. Once all requests and proactive repairs are completed and logged, the uniforms continue on to be sorted by a wearer and, finally, delivered back to your company.

Need to make repairs on the go? In addition to our other systems, we just launched our new Mobile Repair App that allows you to communicate repairs right from your phone. With this Mobile Repair App, you simply enter your name, scan or enter the uniform barcode, briefly fill out additional information, take a picture and push send. The process is easy and hassle free. To download this app, simply go to the Apple App Store or Google Play and search “Service Uniform.”

From the first scan to the last, our efficient Blue Chip System ensures that your uniforms will be cleaned, repaired, and sorted correctly every time—and that’s our 100% accuracy guarantee.