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Hey Chip! On the Road with Your Service Uniform Account Manager - Service Uniform

It may sound a little strange that a uniform service provider doesn’t have delivery drivers on staff. At Service Uniform, we don’t believe we need drivers; we need Account Managers. Sure, drivers get your order from the warehouse to your business. However, Account Managers often service your needs in much more meaningful ways. Our Account Managers are highly trained, and equipped with our RFID Blue Chip System® in order to exceed your expectations of service. Let’s go one the road with Chip and find out exactly how they accomplish this.

Delivery Exactness

As anyone who has ever delivered pizza can tell you, most of the time your customers are just addresses. At Service Uniform, we strive to go above and beyond industry expectations. To prove to our customers that we are committed to this, our Account Managers arrive on site knowing exactly which customer they are dealing with. This helps them figure out the best way to serve you, the customer.

Access to Client Profiles

Exceptional service doesn’t stop at knowing our customers by name. Our Blue Chip System® equips our Account Managers with a comprehensive customer profile which they can use to help identify trends in your business that get glossed over from time to time. Staying sharp on the finer details is what building a successful company image is all about.

100% Order Accuracy Guarantee

It’s one thing for your delivery to show up punctually, and for the delivery driver to know about your business. But, if your order is incorrect, what good does any of the other stuff do?  Our Blue Chip System® uses two computer aided sorts that put the garments in perfect route, account, and wearer order. This system is also double-checked, to ensure complete accuracy.

At Service Uniform, we don’t want to be just the best uniform service company—we want all of our employees to be industry leaders in uniform service as well. Contact one of our Sales Representatives today to find out how Service Uniform can improve your business. Already working with us? Talk to your Account Manager about updating your program.