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Maximize Your Business Logo’s Potential with These Tips

When it comes to branding, your logo is an essential aspect of gaining exposure and making a good impression on possible clients. On your website and business cards, it creates an image that customers associate with your company and gives you an opportunity to represent your brand. But those aren’t the only places your logo can help you reach future clients—there are many ways to increase brand awareness using your company logo. Here are some creative ideas to make your logo more visible to your target audience.

Utilize the Office

If customers will be visiting your office space, it’s important to make the area feel unique to your company. Incorporating company imagery and brand colors will leave a lasting impression and help customers put a “face” to the name behind your brand. Try placing your logo on coffee mugs, pens and mousepads to give your business a cohesive feel. Your floor mats are the perfect place to host your logo since all your visitors will be exposed to your brand.

Outfit the Staff

Investing in uniforms with your logo will make your business look organized and inviting, and will let customers know who is there and ready to help. At trade shows and other outside events, matching company apparel will help your employees look and feel like a team. For even more exposure, consider providing t-shirts, baseball caps, keychains, water bottles and tote bags that can be used outside of the office to continue promoting your brand when employees are off the clock.

Give it Away

At trade shows and promotional events, an easy way to make your company seen is to place it on items for prizes and giveaways. Prizes like stickers, water bottles, sunglasses and even cell phone cases kill two birds with one stone by getting your logo out there but also providing customers with something they want—free merchandise.

Find Your Niche

One of the best ways to raise awareness of your brand and make your logo memorable is to find a unique item that pertains to your business. For instance, an accounting firm may offer a branded calculator, or even an abacus to heighten the novelty. You can also come up with items that don’t necessarily directly relate to your services—like a candy jar to give to local businesses or beach towels to distribute in the summer. This type of novelty item will stick in the mind of your customers and increase your visibility.

 You’ve worked hard to make your logo represent your business—and with these tips, your logo will work just as hard to help your brand gain more exposure.