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National Safety Month 2019: How to Stay Safe at Work

national safety month 2019

June is National Safety Month!

The National Safety Council observes National Safety Month in June of every year, using this allocated time to bring more awareness toward safety in the workplace, as well as safety on the road, at home, and in communities.

In observance of this, Service Uniform wants to share with you some vital tips on how you can keep your workplace safe for your employees:

1. Invest in the right gear.

PPE or Personal Protective Equipment makes a world of difference in workplace safety. Educate yourself and your workforce about PPE use and, more importantly, invest in high-quality PPE.

2. Participate in institutional trainings on workplace safety and continue the education to your employees.

Proper and adequate workplace safety education can make the difference between a safe and an unsafe work environment. Make sure to invest in educating your entire workforce on the many components of workplace safety. Translating safety education to your employees can be as simple as sharing posters and pamphlets in strategic areas in the workplace, or as organized as monthly trainings and workshops.

3. Identify hazards in the workplace.

Identifying possible hazards is one of the first steps of accident and injury prevention. Here’s a good place to start your education on hazard identification.

4. Get knowledgeable about safety guidelines set by the government.

Government agencies like OSHA set the guidelines and standards that all kinds of workplaces must adhere to in order to keep employees safe. It is your legal and moral obligation to observe these standards and guidelines.

5. Educate your employees on fatigue and safety.

Poor sleep quality, stress, and overworking can all lead to fatigue. This, in turn, can impair a worker’s good judgement and performance at work. An impaired employee is a hazard to himself, other workers, and to property. It is important to educate employees on the importance of adequate rest before work.

6. Design shifts that allow for adequate rest.

With sleep playing a major role in safety and accident prevention in the workplace, it is important to design shifts that allow workers to get adequate rest between shifts.

7. Educate your organization on alcohol and drug impairment at work.

In the midst of the country’s opioid crisis, it is important to recognize how this epidemic is infiltrating your workforce and how it can possibly affect employee performance and judgment at work.

8. Coordinate with an institution that specializes in drug and alcohol impairment.

Tackling a drug and alcohol problem can never be done single-handedly. Get significant help from organizations that specialize in these issues to help you find effective solutions for employees who might be afflicted with drug and alcohol problems.

9. Ensure that your workplace meets safety standards on all fronts.

Preventing workplace accidents and injuries at work begins with a safe workplace. Make sure that your workplace abides by the safety requirements set for your industry – from the flooring to roofing and every little bit in between – and conduct regular inspections for your facility to ensure that everything is in working, safe condition.

10. Boost protection against slips, trips and falls.

Despite all the education drives aimed at preventing them, slip, trip and fall accidents still rank among the most common causes of injuries and deaths in the workplace.

Boost your workplace’s protection against slips, trips, and falls by educating employees on hazard identification, maintaining proper housekeeping to rid floors of common debris and slipping hazards, investing in slip-and-fall warning implements, maintaining your facility’s floors, stairs, lighting, etc, and investing in floor mats that will help you keep your floors safe especially in areas where moisture and grease are expected.  

Service Uniform is Here to Help Your Business Stay Safe Today!

We understand the importance of safety and do all we can to provide helpful products. From quality uniforms that will fit right to towels, mat rentals, and facility services to keep your business sparkling, Service Uniform has what it takes to help you maintain a safe work environment.

For more information on our services, contact us today at 303-936-4701. Stay safe, everyone! Happy National Safety Month 2019!

June 6, 2019 | Safety