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When Should You Replace Your Work Uniforms? - Service Uniform

when should you replace your work uniforms

Uniforms are essential to your brand. Whether you use uniforms to represent your brand to your customers, to protect your employees, or to simply ensure that employees follow dress code, work uniforms serve an important function to ensure the efficiency of your business.

But the process of both obtaining and maintaining uniforms is not a simple transaction of purchasing a uniform once and leaving it up to employees to make sure their uniform stays in tip-top shape. Work uniforms eventually need to be replaced as time goes on, but that’s where you are left with the question of when that time will come, or if it has already arrived.

Here are the questions you should ask to conclude whether or not it’s time to find something better:

1. Are your work uniforms losing their durability and becoming ruined?

Over time, materials disintegrate. They start tearing, falling apart and becoming distorted in shape and size. Even the most durable work uniform will not last forever. One of the easiest ways to decide if it’s time to replace your work uniforms is if they are clearly beginning to fall apart. But sometimes this is not so clear – do you really want to wait until your uniform already looks bad or is already dangerous for your employees before you order the next batch? Make sure you keep a close eye on your work uniforms and examine the uniform material regularly for thinning, shrinking or the beginning of wear and tear. Also, if your employees bring their work uniforms home to wash, they can potentially ruin the material by washing it with the wrong colors, ultimately staining the clothing. The uniforms’ appearance is then essentially ruined and you’ll need to order new ones.

2. Is your business expanding or changing its branding?

Of course, as you put on new employees, you’ll need to order fresh uniforms for them. But along with business expansion comes an expansion in marketing as well as a reconsideration of how the business has been functioning and how it will function moving forward. Therefore, as you grow your brand, you may want to change out your uniforms for something of a higher quality. Or, if you change logos or colors, you’ll also need to change your uniforms.

3. Are you receiving negative feedback about your current uniforms?

Requiring work uniforms isn’t as simple as just locating the uniform and purchasing it. Your employees are going to have to wear them on an almost daily basis, after all. So, if employees are complaining about the comfort of your work uniforms, saying that they are not the right fit, that they are itchy or rough on the skin or are not easy to move around in, then it might be time to reconsider where you get your uniforms from. Employee comfort is essential, after all, to employee productivity on the job.

4. Are your work uniforms going missing?

This one may seem obvious. If you have a missing uniform, you should replace it, right? Well it’s not quite that simple. You need to evaluate why exactly your uniforms are going missing. How are you obtaining your uniforms and keeping track of them? You can ultimately end up spending a lot of unnecessary money on uniforms that employees can’t keep track of. What this may lead you to do is to require your employees to purchase their own uniforms since they are the ones losing them. But this might create a bit of resentment in the workplace. Therefore, you may want to reconsider the way you replace your uniforms. Instead of purchasing your uniforms, you may want to work with a uniform rental program.

At Service Uniform, we offer high-quality, durable uniforms at a low price. And we don’t just expect you to purchase them and only come back as you need more. As an expert uniform rental company, we drop off your uniforms, pick them back up and launder them for you. And with us as your uniform rental company, you will never have to worry about when it’s time to replace your uniforms again. We take care of it for you through our thorough inspection process, not to mention our Blue Chip system that tracks your uniforms so that they never get lost.

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