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Hey Chip! Sorting Your Uniforms

Hi again! It’s me, Chip. This week, I’m taking you through another aspect of Service Uniform’s 100% accurate Blue Chip System®—the sorting process. Follow along with me, your Chief Chip Coordinator, to learn about the benefits our system could bring to your business.

Before we begin, I should explain how the Blue Chip System® works. It works through Radio Frequency ID technology, or RFID, which identifies each piece of clothing through every step of the process from arrival to cleaning to delivery.

After your uniforms have been scanned for identification, washed according to our special formula, run through the dryer and hung, our RFID system goes to work again to sort them into their proper place. As they exit the finishing tunnel, the uniforms are scanned to separate the clothing by user. The RFID antenna visually and audibly lets the operator know which conveyor hook to put the garment on so that it can be transported to the next step of the sorting process.

Next, the uniforms are sorted into account and wearer order before they are ready for inspection. Our certified garment inspectors examine every single garment to make sure they have been properly cleaned and are in need of no repairs. If a repair is needed, the inspector will complete the repair immediately so that the uniform can be returned on time and in quality condition.

The RFID system helps us log the repairs and make sure that any requested repairs are completed—all of which will show up on your customer-friendly Blue Chip Summary Report. Once all the uniforms have been inspected and mended if necessary, they are bundled by wearer and run through our bundle scanner to ensure the garment count matches our count from the beginning of the process.

And just like that, your uniforms are clean, counted, and ready to be delivered! From our automated RFID technology to our expert operators and garment inspectors, the Blue Chip System® ensures a uniform never falls through the cracks.

To watch our sorting process yourself, check out this video.