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The Advantages of Providing Uniforms to Staff (From the Employee’s Perspective)

the advantages of providing uniforms to staff

Far too many words have been said and written about the benefit of investing in employee uniforms for the company’s sake.

Uniforms improve the company image, make your crew look more professional and well-put together, and market your brand. But very little has been said about what uniforms mean to the employees. And with many brands going for casual, come-as-you-are policies in the workplace, is there still a point to invest in company uniforms?

You’ll be surprised by some of the benefits of uniforms for your work team. Here are the advantages of providing uniforms to staff, from your employees’ perspective. 

1. Uniforms Help Prevent Cross-Contamination

This is crucial for employees working in food and sanitation industries. Their exposure to potentially hazardous contaminants at work means that their clothes are prime culprits for cross-contamination. Allowing employees to process their own work outfits and/or wear clothes that have been exposed to elements outside the workplace is a one-way ticket to a bacterial catastrophe. In businesses where hygiene is the top priority, it is important to provide employees with work wear they can use exclusively at work that will be processed with proper, topnotch hygienic procedures.

2. Uniforms Provide Protection Against Work Hazards

Uniforms aren’t all about aesthetics. Some uniforms are designed specifically to provide protection against the hazards that come with the job at hand. Providing employees with these specialized uniforms ensures that the quality of protection meets the standards set by your industry.

3. Uniforms Relieve Employees of Having to Decide What to Wear

Providing work uniforms for your employees means that they never, ever have to contemplate what to wear to work. As mundane as that may sound, every employee has probably come across this dilemma at some point at their non-uniformed jobs and have taken a substantial amount of time to think about it, possibly causing them to show up late for work!

4. Uniforms Give Employees a Sense of Belonging

Several surveys have found that employees feel more affiliated with their brands when they wear their uniforms. It gives them a sense of being part of the team and they are more likely to participate in company projects and the achievement of company goals.

5. Uniforms Relieve Employees of Laundering their Work Clothes at Home

Providing work uniforms for your employees means that they no longer have to launder their work clothes in their home. The heavy soil that contaminates work clothes can cause severe damage to the home washer, which is not designed to handle the heavy soil, as well as contaminate the family’s clothing. When a company provides laundry service for employees, it’s viewed as a tremendous employee benefit because it has a big impact on their life outside of work.

Work uniforms definitely benefit employees, not just employers. Want to learn more about work uniforms and how they can help your business grow? Contact Service Uniform at 303-936-4701 today!