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The Most Popular Uniform-Inspired Halloween Costumes - Service Uniform

As fall draws near, most people start looking forward to cooler weather and Halloween. For most guys and ghouls, Halloween is the best time to let their creative side shine through. With all of the different costumes out there, finding the right one can be a bit difficult. Uniform themed costumes are some of the most popular due to the instantly recognizable appeal they offer. Read below to find out more about some of the most popular uniform themed costumes on the market.


Let Your Inner Maverick Shine with the Flight Suit

For those people who are looking to bring out their inner fighter pilot, the flight suit is a great option. Since the movie Top Gun came out in theaters in 1986, droves of fans have wanted to emulate the Tom Cruise character Maverick. When trying to choose the right flight suit for a Halloween costume, you need to think about details. Having various patches and insignias is a great way to increase the realism of this get up.




Special Delivery: The Kid UPS Driver Costume

Most parents spend a lot of time picking out their child’s Halloween costume. When trying to create a sense of irony and an endless amount of cuteness, the UPS delivery driver costume is the best fit. With this costume, your child will be able to deliver smiles all through the neighborhood as they trick or treat. Getting a pair of black work boots and a matching hat is a great way to complete the UPS driver ensemble.




Hey Mr. Postman

Another great costume for your little guy or gal to wear this Halloween is the postman’s outfit. Whether in rain, sleet or snow, this Halloween costume will be a hit. If you are looking for an iconic and original costume for your kid, then the postman outfit is a winner. Make sure to get a mail carrier bag to increase the authenticity of this costume.




All Aboard! The Train Conductor Costume

What kid doesn’t love trains? With the train conductor costume, your child will be able to live out their railroad fantasy with ease. In order to make this outfit, you will need to find a matching conductor hat. The appeal of this costume is off the rails, which is why it is so popular.




At Ease: The Soldier Costume

For kids who have a mom or dad in the military, being able to dress like them for Halloween is a treat. With the soldier costume, your child will be able to look like they are ready to for basic training. With a bit of camo face paint and a fake gun, your child will be able to look like a miniature version of an American soldier.




Taking the time to figure out what your child is into will allow you to find the perfect uniform based Halloween outfit. Be sure to focus on the accessories that go with the outfit to add a higher degree of authenticity.

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