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The Top 3 Services Your Business will Always Need - Service Uniform

Time is money in all businesses. In order to maximize this ratio, businesses typically rely on the productivity and efficiency of employees to keep profit margins high. Dedication and work ethic are only half of the battle, though. Here are some valuable services Service Uniform® offers your business that are necessary to ensuring your business remains a productive one.

  1.   Welcome Mat Rental

 mats-productstab2-2 Clean workspaces contribute to healthier employees, longer-lasting equipment and furniture, and higher business standards. They also say a lot about your company image. Researchers at HLW International LLP found that a clean office tends to boost productivity by a minimum of 5%. Our professionally maintained mats reduce tracked-in waste by up to 80% and save up to $600 a year on maintenance costs for every pound of dirt stopped at the door. This customizable service easily pays for itself by both saving time and fostering a productive business environment across all industries.

  1.   Uniforms

apparel-web-photoUniforms are an effective way for a business to project its brand and create an attractive business image for you and your employees. According to an article published on Linkedin, if the dress of the members of an organization remains the same then there is a sense on commonality which develops among them. This leads to a sense of equality, a feeling of belonging, and mutual growth between the employees, translating into real bottom line benefits. We offer a wide range of uniform services to fit any industry’s needs from designer, executive, and polo style shirts to pants, enhanced visibility clothing, and durable work shirts. We also wash and fix any damage on all uniforms returned to us.

  1.   Facilities Service

airfreshenerdispenserWe provide a behind-the-scenes service to keep your business running productively and efficiently.  Our bottomless soap service ensures that your supply of soap is always available when needed, and our air freshener service makes a positive first impression with a clean scent for high-traffic or confined spaces. The anti-bacterial soaps are natural, leaving your hands soft because they are solvent free. This service comes with optional hand sanitizer stations, perfect for keeping time-clocks, shared workspaces, and employees germ-free.

Businesses will always have needs specific to their industry, but Service Uniform® offers services that you will never grow out of. Our no-hassle approach to business has made us The Family Business You Can Trust to provide your business with the tools it needs to keep running efficiently and productively.