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The 3 Biggest Uniform Fashion Issues - Service Uniform

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Having your employees wear company uniforms isn’t a new thing. But a recent work fashion trend has been growing: employees who create their own uniform fashion.

This coincides with the rise of minimalist fashion, where individuals shrink and simplify their wardrobes to only pieces they truly love. Except, with this concept of uniform dressing fashion, people choose one simple look and wear almost identical outfits every day.

An example of this is Steve Jobs, with his iconic black turtleneck tucked into jeans with a belt.

The reason people are picking up on this trend is to make shopping easier, save time in the morning when picking out an outfit, and ultimately make themselves feel more refreshed and energized.

But it’s not a perfect system. Here are some of the problems with employees creating their own uniform fashion:

1. Each employee’s “uniform” is differentuniform fashion - the biggest problems with it

Not only do uniforms keep employees safe and comfortable on the job, but they also represent your company. They show organization and help customers identify who works for your business. When each employee chooses their own uniform fashions, each employee is going to have their own personal dressing fashion. All of your employees will look different, making it harder for customers to identify who works for your company.

2. Not all uniform fashions may be appropriate

When selecting their own personal uniform, your employees are going to base this choice off of what they feel most comfortable in and what they believe to be practical. Their uniform then gets based off of what they believe to be appropriate, and not what your business may believe would be the best outfit for the job.

3. Custom uniform fashions can cost employees more money

With a quality uniform company, you can save both your business and your employees money on their uniforms. High-quality uniforms shouldn’t come at a high cost. Make sure your employees are getting the right uniforms at a reasonable cost when you work with a quality uniform company.

Don’t leave uniform fashion to your employees.

Take control of your business and its appearance. With Service Uniform, you get quality uniforms from a company that cares about your bottom line. Contact us today at 303-936-4701 to learn more about our high-quality uniform fashions.

February 8, 2018 | Uniform Rental, Uniforms