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How to Choose the Right Uniform Pants and Shorts - Service Uniform

uniform pants and uniform shorts

When thinking about uniforms, most business owners only think about shirts. But pants are an equally important part of your employee uniform – in some cases even more important than your work shirts. 

Additionally, choosing the right uniform pants and shorts for your company employees is equally a matter of form and function.

Form, of course, takes care of branding business – you’ll need apparel, uniform pants and uniform shorts that carry a design that best represents your brand. This is where color choices and branding tools, such as logo printing, logo embroidery, etc., come into the picture.

Function is where things can get a little complicated, especially when it comes to uniform pants and uniform shorts for use in more industrial settings. Does your company uniform of choice serve its bigger functions, other than just looking great for your employees and your business?

Fret not, however, because we have listed some handy tips to help make uniform shopping quicker and easier!

Uniform Pants and Uniform Shorts Guide

Function precedes form.

In choosing uniform pants and shorts, function is a bigger priority than style. When employees expect to be exposed to the elements, chemicals and other dangerous substances, or are going to handle heavy equipment and machinery, pants are the only way to go.

Material makes all the difference.

Your uniform fabric does not simply determine how your uniforms will look. For both uniform pants and uniform shorts, the material is the defining factor when it comes to durability, stain release, and, more importantly, wearer comfort. The last thing you need is for your uniforms to get in the way of your employees’ productivity.

Pick a coherent overall look.

Uniforms do not always have to look like a single piece of clothing where the colors of your shirts match exactly the colors of your uniform pants and uniform shorts. But, you should definitely choose a coherent look that’s visually pleasing and best represents the image you’re going for.

Fill in with embellishments and add-ons as needed.

Once you’ve got the basics down, you should look for those extras and features that push your uniform pants and shorts to the top. Some work settings get more use out of extra-large utility pockets and Velcro flaps than others. Additional zippers or features like water- or flame-resistance must be determined as called for by the job.

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November 1, 2018 | Uniform Rental