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What We’ve Learned in 50 Years - Service Uniform

Malcolm Gladwell notoriously popularized the belief that it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert. That’s equivalent to roughly 1.14 years or 3.25 years of eight-hour work days. If this is true, then Service Uniform, with their 50 years of experience, is truly the expert in Colorado.

But more than the successes and achievements of the last half-century, we at Service Uniform are proud of what we have learned because it is the little things that allow us to deliver hands down the best service to our customers.

Five Decades of Learning

Time and experience are the best teachers and this is the best of what we’ve learned over the last five decades of our operations in Colorado:

Every customer is unique. When you’ve worked as long as we have in the industry, it is easy to just settle for offering one-size-fits-all solutions. But that never works. It never delivers the 100% superior linen service that we have always promised our customers. This is the reason why we have developed a system that allows us to know and understand the unique needs of each of our customers through consultations, so we know how to meet them more accurately.

Laundry can be made eco-friendly. The laundry industry has for so long been tagged as one of the unfriendliest industries where environmental preservation is concerned. We did not let this get to us. In fact, we used this as a challenge to create solutions that will meet the needs of our customers while keeping our impact on the environment at a minimum. And the result is an eco-friendly system that allows us to use 44% less water per pound of laundry compared to domestic-use washers. Our water treatment facility also removes over 300 gallons of oil from the garments that we process and keeps it away from our waterways.

It pays to invest in people. As a family-owned business, we understand that our people are our greatest asset. That is why we not only treat them like family but invest in their personal and professional welfare. We make sure that everyone receives the training they need to become experts in their job function and they know the significant roles they play within the organization. We make sure our people are happy. We’d never have achieved close to half of where we are today if not for them! When you work with Service Uniform, you’ll know for sure that your items are handled with care, skill, and dedication to your satisfaction.

The right equipment makes all the difference. Our heat reclaimer has the capacity to increase incoming water temperature up to 25 degrees. Our washers can hold up to 500 pounds at one time. Our RFID soil tunnel can scan up to a maximum of 2000 items per minute. Our RFID-chip tagging system saves our customers from losses and surprise costs. This combination of technology we use at our facility has allowed us to deliver the best results for all the services that we offer – and we would not have achieved the excellence in our results had we not committed ourselves to constantly upgrading and improving our facilities.

Nothing beats meticulous standards. Each item is processed through our 17 different cycles within our facility. This ensures a complete clean, sparing no dirt or stain. It took us years and years of hands-on experience and listening to the needs of our customers to arrive at the system that is unlike and unmatched by any of our competitors. Fifty years later, we could say we have achieved our best – and yet, we don’t rest on our laurels. We are still actively and continuously working on our services to find even better ways to deliver the best that our clients deserve.

It takes years and years of hard work and commitment to become an expert and to earn trust. Our reputation and the relationships we have built are founded on years and years of gaining the trust of our clientele through tangible, visible results. We did not earn these by making embellished promises and overstated claims – we did this through our collaborative professional atmosphere and by making good on the uniform services that we offer. We don’t make clients – we make friends.

When you work with Service Uniform, you work with fifty years of experience, passion and dedication that you cannot find anywhere else. But don’t take our word for it – find  out more about what we can do for you by getting in touch with Service Uniform!

Contact us today at 303-936-4701 or get in touch with us here.

February 5, 2019 | Customer Service